Chakki Atta

Chakki Atta Being chakki atta suppliers in India, N.T. Agro Food Products goes to great lengths to preserve things as natural as possible, just as Mother Nature intended. We are Chakki Fresh Atta Suppliers in India and our whole wheat grains are collected directly from farmers in our endeavour to give you natural delight.

Fresh Chakki Atta Suppliers supply Chakki fresh atta, which is created from hefty grains with a rich amber colour and a strong bite. It is thoroughly crushed using a traditional stone-grinding technique to ensure that the flour includes 0% Maida and is 100% atta.

We are Flour Chakki Atta Supplier from Hooghly, West Bengal, providing the freshness of the fields paired with the strength of whole wheat by ensuring that all of the grain's nutrients remain intact and safeguarded in our packaging.